Semi final II 2015

Well, a different flavour to Semi-Final 1. Lots of underage singers. Hints of demonic minds, internal monsters and werewolves. And a tendency for singers to SPIN around.  A lot. norway 2015Armenia would have felt right at home in this semi.

Norway. What can I say? Stretching those Eurovision boundaries. That’s them on the left being audacious, gorgeous and a little bit evil. Extraordinary. Dark. Controlled. My absolute favourite.

montenegro 2015Montenegro. Exquisite. A song that builds & builds. Crafted to perfection. Soaring.

Sweden is not bad either.

That’s three good acts. And now some awards…

Nicole Kidman look-alike Award

Award for Outstanding Use of Wind Machine

Herreys Commemorative Golden Footwear Award
ISRAEL (below left) – if only I could get a close-up of those shoes but li’l Nadav’s fancy dancin’ feet never stop movin’. And a special mention to CZECH REPUBLIC’s Marta (in action on the right) for some excellent flinging-high-heels-across-the-stage-work

israel 2015czech republic 2015

slovenia 2015Award for Thematic Complexity
SLOVENIA: Headphones, sorta wedding dress, dude on piano and air-violin. Whoa.

Best Redhead in White Award
Dead heat between NORWAY and SLOVENIA

Best Song(s) that Didn’t Get Through
Czech Republic