Semi final I 2015

Very exciting.  Australia gets to vote for the first time ever. There must have been, ooo, at least half a dozen of us up at 5am. Well, of the eight songs I couldn’t stand, six of them sailed through to the Grand Final. Hmmm. At least that left four I kinda like. Well done, Belgium, Romania, Estonia & Georgia.

So many acts with so many people.

moldova 2015Award for Best Costume Reveal
MOLDOVA: Wow! She rips off his shirt AND he keeps his waistcoat on. Fun & funky.

Award for Best Disappearing Singer
estonia 2015ESTONIA: He was there. And then she was there. And they were both there. And then he was gone. And she was left all alone. Lying naked staring at the phone. Nice emotionally complex performances. Nice staging. And not a bad little song.

finlandb 2015Award for Shortest Song
FINLAND: I voted for them. Not because it was short. Because it was good. But they didn’t go through. Boo. Boo. Triple boo.

Politically Correct Award for Being Meaningful and Inclusive
Tie between HUNGARY (outstanding performance by a tree) and SERBIA with RUSSIA hot on their heels.

Award for Not Trying to be Meaningful

Award for Thematic Complexity
MACEDONIA: Man in trenchcoat, ancient ruins, 3 funky bad dudes. Whoa.

Best Songs that didn’t get through:

Best Songs that did get through:
Belgium. Congrats Loïc.
Romania. Nice one, Voltaj.

Er, that’s about it…

georgia 2015Actually Georgia deserves an honorable mention. Black feathers, a wind machine & a quiet relentless fury. You go, Nina, for going SOLO in style.